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Business Planning & Monitoring

Starting Up A Business

Whatever your business proposals you will require advice on many topics, including the preparation of business plans, grant applications, cash flow forecasts and methods of raising capital. You may also wish to discuss the various options available to you in the respect of acquiring suitable premises and the costs involved when considering the purchase or leasing of equipment or goods necessary to the setting up of your business. We can also advise you on staffing levels, general administration, taxation, and insurance requirements. Be sure to contact us at the beginning.

Business Changes

We can act in all relevant commercial and taxation matters concerned with business and company acquisitions, mergers and demergers. Our expertise is available to advise you on share and business valuations arising from family and matrimonial disputes, business successions and other changes experienced by business organisations and private individuals.

Business Monitoring

We provide a business monitoring system to our clients who find the service invaluable in ensuring their business are run efficiently and effectively. The basis of the system is a fully integrated set of projections incorporating monthly profit and loss accounts, cash flows and balance sheets. We then help the clients to set up records so we can efficiently update these projections on a monthly or quarterly basis for actual results. In addition, changing circumstances and "what if" analysis can be easily assessed by amending the projections to show the impact of any proposed changes.

Systems and Computerisation

Very often a developing business will start to outgrow the system initially introduced and competence to deal with day to day transactions up to a certain level of trading. Ever increasing files, ledgers, paperwork and manpower may well continue to provide information required but easy access and analysis becomes time consuming and costly. When we recognise the early signs of system stress within a client's business we would always recommend an in depth analysis of the current systems in use with a view to implementing new and revised methods of collating, storing and providing information in a cost effective and organised manner. Our proposals may include the introduction of computerised systems.

Company Formation

The logical step on the business expansion ladder may be from sole trader or partnerships to a limited company. A limited company is required to conform to legislation contained in the various Companies Acts and as such has a separate legal existence from its owners whose rights and obligations are determined by the shares they hold. We would be happy to assist with the formation of the company. We would always encourage early discussions on all aspects involved with the incorporation of a company to ensure such a move is appropriate to your circumstances.

Business Plans

You may be considering a new business venture or expanding an existing enterprise. A successful business always needs to plan and monitor developments and project further requirements. Market potential, sales policies, management structure and trading forecasts are but a few of the subjects a Business Plan needs to cover. A well documented plan is an essential aid to a business seeking to remain competitive and grow in its chosen market.

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