The Effects of Inflation on Businesses

Inflation happens when there is more money in circulation than there are goods and services available to purchase. This can greatly impact businesses up and down the nation. What is Inflation? Inflation is the rate of increase in prices over a period of time – such as the increase in the cost of living. Ultimately, […]

How to Go Green With Green Taxes & Reliefs

With the current climate crisis, companies are doing more to improve their sustainability. Not only this, but with the push for net zero across global markets increasing, many firms want to take stock of their carbon footprint.  Another motivator for this is the significant savings that can be made through green incentives and schemes – […]

How Long Do You Need To Keep Corporate Tax Records?

As every business knows, it’s important to keep company records as part of a business practice and liability. How long you keep these records will depend on the type of business you run and the type of records you keep. What Records Should Your Business Keep? Your business should keep company, financial and accounting records […]

Autumn Budget Summary 2022

Jeremy Hunt has delivered the much anticipated Autumn Budget to parliament, addressing how the government will restore Britain’s public finances. As expected, the Autumn Statement sets out to tackle the cost of living crisis and rebuild our economy; focussing on stability, growth and public services. The International Monetary Fund expects one third of the world’s […]

Why Should I Outsource My Accounting?

Outsourcing your accounting is when you hand the activity over to be performed by an external supplier, rather than by yourself or one of your employees. An accounting firm will manage your accounts for you, which can have many benefits for both small and large businesses. Advantages of Outsourcing Business Accounting Saving Time Time spent managing […]

How Labour Shortages are Affecting the UK

The recruitment crisis across the UK shows no sign of slowing, with over 1 million job vacancies and not enough people to fill them. This shortage not only impacts the now and short term, but also impacts the country in the long run – shortages could mean that we see a fall in productivity by […]

An Overview of the Government Mini Budget

Last week we saw Kwasi Kwarteng’s first Budget address, setting out the UK Government’s key policies to tackle inflation and the ever-increasing energy cost crisis. Here is a summary of what the budget means to both businesses and individuals. Mini Budget Summary – Business Corporation Tax In the previous March 2021 Budget, it was announced […]

Interest Rates Increases and the Effect on Finance

Along with almost everything at the moment, interest rates are increasing. One burning question is how will interest rate rises impact finance, both personally and in business? Below we explore some ways in which a higher interest rate may impact you. What Are The Interest Rates Increases? First, it’s important to look at why interest […]