Student Loan Repayment Thresholds Changes

From 6th April 2023, there are new earnings thresholds for student loan repayments.

New Thresholds

How much an employee has to repay depends on their income. They will repay a percentage of income over the ‘threshold’ for their type of loan.

The new thresholds are as follows:

  • Plan 1 loans: £22,015 – up from £20,195
  • Plan 2 loans: £27,295 
  • Plan 4 loans: £27,660 – up from £25,375
  • Plan 5 loans £25,000 – a new type of student loan from 6 April 2023
  • Postgraduate loan: £21,000

If an employee has more than one job, they will only make repayments from the job where they are paid over the threshold, not the combined income.

New Repayment Rates

The deductions for loan repayments for plans 1, 2, 4 and 5 are  9% above the threshold and 6% above for postgraduate loans..

What Does This Mean For My Business?

Your payroll software should calculate the deductions automatically, assuming that your software is up-to-date. 

If an employee’s earnings are below the limits and you receive an SL1 or PGL1 notice from HMRC, you should note your payroll records to ensure that deductions are not missed if the employee’s pay is increased.

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